Mead Family Maiden Voyage part 2

One thing you should know about the Mead family is we are VERY spontaneous.  Once we took an overnight trip to Idaho and decided we were SO close to Grand Tetons National Park we would just go, this trip turned into a 2 week long excursion to Yellowstone and into Montana to stay with my family for a visit. Those are all stories for another time. This post is about our first family adventure (part 2).

While in Las Vegas we didn’t do much sight seeing. We went to Hoover Dam, its like we have to go there. I mean Lake Mead is named after us, (no really it is). I hung out with my little sister who had just made a major leap of faith and moved to Las Vegas fresh out of college with no money, no place to live and no job. (Don’t worry it worked out) We also took some time to check out Eldorado Canyon Mines

So the Meads are ready to head home. We leave Vegas heading west toward California. At this point in time we hadn’t spent much time in California and since we were new parents we wanted a safe place to stay for whatever reason we end up in Davis, California.

The next day we have a nice little family brunch at Black Bear Diner, with every intention that we would be home sometime that day.  This was until we saw the sign for San Francisco, we had never been to San Francisco and it was SO close just a 70 mile drive….in the OPPOSITE direction!

San Fran

Now I don’t know if my husband had any part in this crazy idea, but I know for sure that I WANTED to go to San Francisco, besides when would I EVER get back there?!?!? (Spoiler alert: 10 times I have been there 10 times since 2012) So because my husband loves me, we go to San Francisco.



It was just as lovely as I had hoped! I saw the Painted Ladies or as many people know them the line of houses in the opening credits of Full House. One of the memories of the day that has stuck with me all these years later, is sitting with my baby looking out over the bay, taking in the beauty of the Golden Gate Bridge. I also had an amazing view of Alcatraz.


Here are some photos of our day in San Francisco.


We ended up heading north on 101 making it to Garberville, California before the fog rolled in and we had to make a stop because it wasn’t safe to drive.



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