Visiting Vegas – Valley of Fire

I absolutely LOVE Las Vegas! I have been able visit yearly for about 7 years now and of all those times in Vegas I only ever hit up the Casino’s one time. I actually rarely spend time on the strip, but despite that there are still a lot of things to do in Las Vegas and around Las Vegas. In addition to The Mead Family Adventures I will be giving you little tips on fun places to visit and little mini vacation ideas.

Elephant Rock by Moonlight, Valley of Fire, Nevada
The moonlight illuminates the night sky and Elephant rock in the Valley of Fire

If you have the ability to go off the strip to visit places while in Las Vegas I highly recommend it, there are a number of cool attractions not far from the flashy lights of the strip. One of those places is Valley of Fire State Park!

Valley of Fire is located in Overton, Nevada which is about a hour drive from downtown Las Vegas. There is a $10.00 entrance fee for non-Nevada residence but that is small price to pay for the beauty you will encounter in this 40,000 acre park.

One of the most amazing features in my opinion is the bright red Aztec sandstone that can be throughout the park. This park was one of my first experiences with seeing the vibrant color of the rocks. Being from a state where everything is green all the time, this was a welcome shift of color.

"White Domes Twilight," Valley of Fire, Nevada
Sunset fades and Twilight sets in as the pink Alpenglow of Twilight begins to show in the skies above White Domes in Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada.

In addition to the rocks there are also ancient petrified trees and petroglyphs some of which are thought to be over 2,000 years old. There are multiple sights to see like Elephant rock, Atlatl petroglyphs, several small arches as well as hiking trails like Rainbow Vista and White Domes. There have even been movies filmed in this park Star Trek and Total Recall are a few that you  might recognize.

Windstone Arch, Valley of Fire, Nevada
Windstone Arch in Valley of Fire


If you are looking to take in the sights around Las Vegas, head out to Valley of Fire State Park.  They have picnic areas, hiking trails, campgrounds and a visitor center to pick up some awesome souvenirs. Many of the views are easily seen from the car so if you are unable to hike long distances you can still enjoy the park.


Sunset through Arch Rock, Valley of Fire, Nevada
The setting sun lights the sky behind Arch Rock in Valley of Fire, Nevada


For more information visit: Valley of Fire State Park






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