The Greatest Adventure

Sometimes in life there are adventures that are different from the rest. An Adventure that will give you a life time of memories. Not long after James and I had returned from our first road trip we found out we were going to be embarking on another adventure. This adventure wouldn’t be like anything we had ever experienced. We found out in January of 2012 that we would be expecting our first child.

Mead Baby
First picture of our baby.

Yes, for you hardcore adventure types this isn’t a normal adventure story. This one is how after 12 years together we were going to have a baby. This event is important to our future travels as our son has gone with us on every adventure big or small since he was 3 months old.He has seen things that most adults have never gotten the pleasure of seeing.

Just the other day he was talking to us about the Lost City Museum we went to this past November in Nevada. He sees pictures of the Grand Canyon and instantly knows what it was. Of course these are all stories for another time. When he was younger he would called Yosemite National Park, Mysemite.

Maternity Pictures
Pictures from My Maternity photoshoot. We did these less than a week before the little one arrived. Procrastination at its finest.

I want to take a moment to focus 2012, we did manage to get away to some local hotspots. It is funny how often times when you live in an area as beautiful as Oregon, you forget that in your back yard there are adventures awaiting. I will briefly touch on those spots but since this is an origins story you will have to wait for the sequel to hear more about the specific places.

This year we took our first mini-road trip up to Mt. Hood,  (the Mountain to Portlanders). Believe it or not we had never taken the short drive up to the Mountain! Perhaps it was because we get to view that lovely mountain every day (weather permitting) or maybe we just hadn’t found the need to yet. We went up to Timberline lodge and to Trillium lake. I remember being in awe as we drove up to the Mountain, it getting bigger and bigger through the windshield.

Now I grew up in Montana, the Big Sky has some beauty to offer. But let me tell you Oregon has a beauty all its own. That mountain is one of them. Among some of the first things Isaiah said when he was learning to talk was “Mountain Hood”. That is what he called it. I remember when he asked us what it was and we said, “Mt. Hood” and from then on he would get excited when he would see it and say “Mountain Hood, Mountain Hood.”

The Mountain
The Mountain photo by James Mead

Anyway back to pre-baby adventures. That year we also made several trips to the coast. We always loved traveling to the coast, there is something so peaceful about just sitting there on the beach watching the tide. Again, we are so lucky to live in where we do, because we can literally drive up to the mountain and then out to the coast in the same day if we so choose too.

The summer I was pregnant one day it hit over 100 degrees in town, so we decided to pack up the car and head to the coast, this time we decided to go to Newport. We planned to hit up one of our favorite seafood places down there and I was pregnant and craving it! Plus we could get out of the heat since the coast is always a few degrees cooler than the city.

We have a great drive down, talking and laughing like we do on every road trip. As we started getting closer and closer I keep watching the temperature. It was starting to become a little more than a few degrees cooler. No biggie we can handle it we are Oregonians. As we reach Newport the weather looked like a typical Oregon day…a WINTER day! It was 50 degrees and raining that day on the coast, I was happy to be at the coast but bummed that we escaped one weather extreme for another. So we stopped at the fish market and got our favorite items. Then we decided to call it a day and head home, remember I was pregnant and a little bossy at this time. Yes, we did make a 3 hour trip for clam chowder…it was still a nice adventure.


The other adventures we went on were mostly around Portland or The Columbia River Gorge. We had frequented the Gorge prior to our first road trip we even got married out there. The gorge held special meaning for James since he and his father would go out there hiking when he was a boy. We would take trip out to the Gorge whenever we felt like it. It is always nice to enjoy the waterfalls and the beauty that the Gorge held. We recently had a fire in the Gorge caused by someone being careless with fireworks. It is upsetting that we can’t visit some of our favorite places because of that.

The Columbia River Gorge photo credit James Mead photography
The Columbia River Gorge, photo credit James Mead Photography

One of our last trips to the Gorge was the being of the month our son was born. After that we didn’t do much traveling, when you are hugely pregnant it can be more fun to stay home and sleep. In fact the day I went into labor with my son, I was getting ready to take a nap…never happened and I sure do miss that nap.

Anyway this post has gotten away from me so I will wrap it up here. We welcomed a healthy and happy baby boy to our lives around Labor Day (funny I know). He changed our lives in so many ways. He means the world to us and I am so glad that we have been able to share our adventures with him.


His first adventure was only two months after he was born. We loaded up the car and headed down to Las Vegas for the SEMA show. We also visited my little sister Lori who had recently moved down there. We had some great times on that first road trip as a family. Tune in next time for more adventures from the Mead Family.



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